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By Gerry Lestz | Aug 1, 1997

‘Show Season’ is in full gear by this time of year, and
we hope you are all enjoying yourselves wherever you go.

I hate to do this, but we have a word of caution to offer you
this month.

It seems that there are some unscrupulous individuals who use
our WANTED ads as a source for illegal activity. Without citing
specifics, we would just like to say that we welcome your reports
of any unethical or illegal activities which you may find occurring
in transactions with other collectors or those posing as
collectors. While there is no way for us to monitor
individuals’ behavior, nor to provide victims with any specific
remedy, we always appreciate it when our subscribers call our
advertising department to report questionable activity. And, it
seems appropriate to caution you at this time, that sending sizable
sums of money to people unknown to you in anticipation that they
will send by return mail the object you have been seeking, is not
always advisable. Everyone will agree that engine collectors are a
fantastic group of people, but it never hurts to seek some greater
assurance that a stranger’s word is good. We can’t help a
great deal here we can tell you whether an individual is a
subscriber, or an advertiser, and whether we have had other
complaints about him, but that just may be enough to prevent

We’re running our popular Warehouse Sale again this summer,
even though we’ve greatly diminished our stock of back issues.
If you’re looking to stock up on back issues at bargain prices,
though, see page 51!

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