| August/September 1995

As I write this letter, it is early June, and there is much activity underway for shows. It's a busy time here in the office, and a busier time out on the road!

Note that our last ad for the Collector's Network appears on page 35 of this issue the deadline is August 15, and we expect to mail the book to participants by the end of September. We are doing this again because it was requested, and so, we hope that those of you who choose to participate will benefit from your participation. This isn't a buyer's guide or an advertising mock a just a simple way for collectors who wish to to find others of like interests to do so, at home or far away!

For our foreign subscribers, I have a simple plea: whenever possible, please, please use Visa or MasterCard to pay for your subscriptions. We are having increasing difficulty handling transactions with foreign checks we end up with a lot of bank charges and little payment. To avoid our having to return your checks or bill you for additional charges, just give us your credit card numbers and expiration dates. This seems to be the way the world is moving, and your cooperation is a big help to our subscription department!

One more quick note to advertisers and authors when you write on the backs of your photos, please be sure you're using a permanent pen, as other pens will bleed and tend to ruin pictures that are piled together when sent to us. Thank you!