| April/May 2000

As we get our April issue ready for the printer, we are anticipating the arrival of the first copies of our annual show directory, which arrive in our office at the end of February. This year's edition is bigger than ever, a jumbo 336 pages. You should send for one soon, if you haven't already!

Two quick items on subscriptions I'd like to share with you. First, there is definitely some variation in the day of the month when magazines are mailed. We try to have the magazine in the mail by the seventh of the month preceding the cover date. However, magazines sometimes are mailed before the seventh, sometimes after. There will be some variation in when you receive your issue each time. Second, some subscribers don't know that we do offer first class mail service on subscriptions at a substantially higher rate. While aren't trying to encourage such subscriptions, we aren't seeking to hide the fact, either! If you're interested in this service, consult the rates on the masthead.

April is our first full month of Spring, and you'll find lots of auctions and swap meets in this issue, along with many colorful stories! We'd like to publish YOUR story, as well!