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Well, as the month of April approaches, our readers begin to get
outdoors more often, and auctions and swaps are just over the
horizon. This is a rather large issue for this time of year, and
we’re pleased to have more questions in our Reflections Column

Our annual show directory will be readily available by the time
you read this, and you might indeed have already received your copy
if you ordered early. This year’s edition is 288 pages, and we
know you’ll find it convenient and easy to find all you need to
know about over 1,000 events in Engine land.

We’d like to pay tribute, here, to the many volunteers who
help us to create the directory, by sending in the critical
information regarding their club’s activities. Many of the
names are very familiar to us here, as some have been sending back
our forms for twenty years or more, and we appreciate their
attention to detail and devotion to their organizations.

A small reminder from our subscription department: If you move
or change your address in any way at all, please be sure to notify
us, and to notify your local post office as well. In some cases,
you may be told that your rural route address has been changed
arbitrarily to your street name, even though you are still where
you’ve been for many years! We need to know the precise new
address in order to ensure your uninterrupted delivery of our
magazines. As the postal system becomes more automated, precise
accuracy in our subscription records is absolutely essential, and
we appreciate your cooperation on this front!

In case you’ve received our magazine advertising package, we
just want to alert you to the fact that this is separate from the
directory materials you received months ago. We do this to try to
assist you in getting ads for your club’s activities into the
best possible issues. We try to keep confusion to a minimum, so any
suggestions you may have are always welcome.

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