| April/May 1996

As I write this letter, our 1996 Show Directory is at the printer, and by the time you read this, many of you may have already received your copies of it. When everything was said and done, we ended up with a huge 240-page book for this year, and as always we extend our sincere thanks to those of you who do such an excellent job of keeping us informed of your clubs' doings. I'd like to put in a kind word for our own Stemgas employees, as well, here, who work extremely hard to keep everything straight! Believe me, it isn't always easy.

Please note that at the end of the Reflections column this month, there is a correction from the February issue, which I imagine a fair number of you noticed. Seems the old computer played a trick on us, and we just weren't quite clever enough to catch it before it appeared. We apologize and will be watching for such quirks more carefully. We know that from time to time we make some fairly significant missteps in the magazine (like forgetting to print our cover stories, etc.) and we truly appreciate the understanding extended to us at such time sit sure is embarrassing!

A couple of months ago, we passed along one subscriber's request that we should carry a page of auction results in every issue. Well, we got a few phone calls expressing a very dim view of that idea, and we haven't received any auction results, so you aren't likely to see such a feature very soon!

Hopefully the month of April will bring us an end to blizzards and flooding experienced by so many of you, and will find you outside at swap meets, auctions and spring meets. But don't forget to get in your show report from last year's show in time to let people know what your club is up to in 1996!