| April/May 1994

It has been a bit of a challenge trying to get this issue ready for the printer, as we have had much more than our usual snowfall here in the East, and there has been a slowdown in life as we know it. While it has been a wonderful reminder of the frailty of man and his institutions, it has caused some delays. Our March issue was mailed a day or two beyond the usual time when it goes out, and some of you may have gotten it a bit late. We're sorry about this, but the delay was unavoidable.

As I write this letter, our Directory is nearly all printed, and by the time you receive this copy of the magazine, your Directory should be in the mail if you ordered it early. (You may even have received it by now!) If you haven't ordered yet, now is the time, see the ad on the inside front cover and remember, you don't have to cut up your magazine, you can just drop us a line with your name and address and payment.

One more word, for those of you sending subscriptions or advertising: there have been considerable delays in our mail due to the snowstorms, so you'll want to send things a little earlier if you're concerned about making a particular deadline. Enjoy what is left of the winter!