PUBLISHER'S LETTER: A Big Thanks to Glenn Karch

| June/July 1999

We received this note from one of our readers, Bob Kern, 6889 Glenroy Street, San Diego, California 92120, who says, 'I have been going through back issues of GEM pulling out a world of information about a Jaeger engine I am restoring and realized how much help Glenn Karch's monthly articles have been in my restoration. Not only does he furnish technical help but a world of history on the Hercules Company and its people.

'Glenn's book about the Hercules engines and the company has been of great help and interest. I have called Glenn with a question or two over the years and he has always taken the time to help where he could. An example of his 'going the extra distance' was shown when I sent him a list of serial numbers from engines owned by several friends and me. Rather than just add them to his list, he dropped a note concerning other engines in the series and things of interest about them. I sometimes think that we take the information and help available in the magazine for granted and I just wanted to recognize a man who has been very helpful to many people in furthering our enjoyment of the hobby.'

We thought all of our readers would like to share in this testimony to Glenn, since he has provided so much useful information in his column over the years. Thank you, Glenn!