Old Iron In The Granite State

| October/November 1999

Losavio and Mark Bacon 81 State Street, Groveton, New Hampshire 03582

Elmer Treamer storesĀ  his old iron, which he was been collecting for years, in his garage on Grow Hill. I think Elmer goes to every auction, flea market, and yard sale in Coos County to make his collection grow.

At the end of the summer, Elmer and his son, Walter, have a yard sale. These two make a great team.

Some of the old iron likely to be found at Elmer's garage sale are: old starting cranks, old wrenches--ford, IHC, buggy; buzz coils; old flat belts and pulleys; old mags; and many tools.

Elmer is well known for his knowledge of the past, and history of the White Mountains of New Hampshire.