| July/August 1971

115 Clifton St., Kernersville, N.C. 27284

Isaac P.Roberts of Kernersville, N.C. is the owner of several items in the antique line. One is a 6 hp. Fairbanks-Morse gas engine equipped with rotary high tension magneto in good running condition. My father bought this engine in 1925. It was used for shelling corn and sawing wood. One winter my brother and myself shelled 17,000 bushels of corn for a buyer in a cotton gin located on N & S railway. This engine can be started with one hand. I also own one Farmaster (Cushman) 4 hp. equipped with Wico e.k. magneto, however the magneto is weak and I use a 6 volt automobile coil with condenser wired in with the magneto for timing and it starts easily and is mounted on skids.

I own a 10 hp. International gas engine hopper-cooled. This engine is torn down for repairs, mainly boring and sleeve work (special). I have had it running and runs nicely but without restoration of compression. It has to be started with belt power. My 4 hp. Cushman will start it by letting off compression and applying the heavy clutch on the International in a slipping manner until the heavy flywheels turn with momentum until I cut off compression and apply two pole coil & 6 volt battery hooked in with my Webster Mag., (Mag. is weak). This International is about 60 years old, mounted on heavy wheels.

Instead of dishes in his wife's china closet, Don Stocker has requisitioned it for his panorama of old-time cast-iron agricultural toys. He 'shadowed' Big Fred Leathermon long enough, till he weakened and sold them to him. Look 'em over! You will recognize some. Others Don added by searching and collecting. L. to r. -- Don Stocker, sons, Donny and Alan.

I also have a 1924 model S & S hearse, wood-carved body in running condition; one 1926 Model Dodge coupe, 12 volt system; and one 1923 Model T truck in my basement, being restored. This unit is equipped with a ruxteel axle for pulling power and speed.

I am a retired funeral director and embalmer. I attend show at Kinzer, Pa. and Bladenton show in Florida.