| May/June 1972

Steinauer, Nebraska 68441.

The Northeast Nebraska Threshers Reunion and Show was held September 25 and 26, 1971 at the William J. Mayberry farm East of Niobrara, Nebraska.

The first day the weather was uncooperative but a nice crowd braved the elements and most of the planned program was carried out. The second day, Sunday, was well attended and the program went off on schedule with a large crowd.

The steam and horsepower threshing held its own against the lumber sawing and steam plowing. I don't want to miss mentioning the nice display of scale model steam engines and one scale model Avery thresher with the Yankton South Dakota Antique Auto Clubs display of well-restored cars.

The Gas Engine Section and display took on a new life in Mr. Charles Bryan of 1312 College St. of Springfield, South Dakota getting the following engines of Mr. May berry's, operating--3 HP Sandwich, No. B26900, 6 HP Sandwich No. ?, 8 HP Economy No. 350646, 6 HP Galloway No. 29692, 5 HP Galloway No. 15912 and 6 HP side-shaft Mogul No. LZ1677. He also had three of his collection, a 1? HP FM No. 174796, a 3 HP FM No. Z310375 and a 15 HP FM Diesel No. 301555. There were a lot of other gas engines operating on the grounds, but this writer was unable to go around and get all the information on them--so plan to attend the 1972 show which will be bigger and better, and see all those big steamers and tractors in operation.