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| November/December 2000

  • 3 HP Fairbanks-Morse Z
    Luc Levac of RR #1, Monkland, Ontario, Canada K0C 1V0
    Luc Levac
  • Engines

  • 3 HP Fairbanks-Morse Z
  • Engines

RR #1,Monkland, Ontario, Canada K0C IV0

Sent this picture of a project that began with a 3 HP Fairbanks-Morse Z.

The project started with a 3 HP Fairbanks-Morse Z engine that I purchased from a friend a few concessions from my parents' place. I had the idea of building a tractor. I started gathering parts to build my new toy. All my friends 20 to 24 years old usually play with Ski-Doos or ATV's, but I'm 23 and my tractor is my toy.

My father and I started talking about the tractor. In the winter of '98-'99 we got started. Our minds, the welder, the torch and my wallet got busy. The two back wheels are off grain binders, the front axle is 2x2 tubing with shafts at both ends. The front wheels are what they used to call a 'binder truck.'

It was used to carry the weight of the binder instead of the horse carrying it. The clutch is a slip clutch of a township agitator that works great for such a purpose. The transmission is off a Wheel Horse that has six forward and two reverse gears.

Dad and I just finished it last winter (1999-2000). We made the final touch, a tightener for the back axle that is chain driven, making fenders of a 250 gallon tank, and it looks like it was made to go there. When we were done with all the welding, the paint, striping and stickers were installed. We got lots of good compliments last year at the shows when it was only half done. I am sure anxious to hear the comments this year.

The project was very fun and I sure learned a lot. The only thing I regret is that my grandfather, Omer Levac, is not there to see my new toy that was made with parts of old machinery. I have his two engines at home and he would be glad to see them running again. I have his Fairbanks-Morse Z 6 HP and a Massey-Harris Type Two 6 HP. Too bad that I was not interested in old iron before he died in '94. I hope that wherever he is, he sees that I am trying to take care of his engines and his old machinery as much as he did in the past. The two pictures show the finished project. Special thanks to my dad, Albert Levac, for all his help and suggestions. Thanks to my girlfriend, Marie, for being so patient and understanding because I did pass lots of time in the garage. Thanks to Wesley Monro for the engine bought at a good price, and John McDermid for parts and ideas. Also thanks to Lorn Ross for all the lathe work, and last but not least, MOM for all what moms do best, being there for me (us).

I also need help for a future project. I need parts for a United 1? HP. I'm looking for a head, carb, igniter, push rod, connecting rod and cam gear. This is the hardest project I ever decided to start, but I'm sure it will be the most enjoyable and the one I'll learn the most from.


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