| September/October 1989

Dennis Parker's 1942 MM UTS

Dennis Parker's 1942 MM UTS, now on display at S. Dakota State Ag Museum in Brookings.

The City of Monrovia used it to haul cast iron pipe up in the Monrovia Canyon for a water line. They made a pipe dollie out of airplane tail wheels and put a telescoping tong on it and it replaced burros which would fall off the trail too often. I believe it had a Wisconsin engine. Maybe the fellows out there know. But I used it to harrow and level and plow. It is real powerful and will turn on a dime and give change!

My brother Carl Hebert put on the cutting handles, on right is twist-throttle, left has the kill button. It has a Ford type crank and kicks on the first spin. I steam cleaned a D8 Caterpillar and painted it so I took the little tractor and parked it next to the D8 Caterpillar. What a picture! (Which I am still trying to find.) It pulled the plow in this picture. Courtesy of: W. F. 'Bill' Hebert, 1848 N. Ashby Road #26, Merced, California 95340.

Dick Arbuckle of RR #1, Box 392, Grant Park, IL 60940 is a reader who gets around to quite a few shows. He took this picture of a John Deere 1? HP owned by Tom and Norma Wolfe of Scottsburg, IN was on display at the Leota Country Frolic at rural Scottsburg, Indiana in August of 1987.