| September/October 1988

The pictures on this page are reprinted with permission from the May 1987 issue of Vintage Farming, a New Zealand publication now in its twelfth year of existence. The original owner was Mr. P. Kirk of Taieri Plain who paid 800 pounds for the tractor.

 'The baler was a #45 International. The way it is now it runs too fast so we use the hand clutch which works good. Also pictured is Ray's dad Darryl, and Darryl's son-in-law Jim Olson.' Submitted by Mrs. Darryl Tucker, 108 West 9, McCook, Nebraska 69001.

Abandoned Engine

Mark Wigmore of 5010 Wezel Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80916 sent this photo of an engine found in Greenland, Colorado by Earl Thiebaud of Black Forest, CO. The builder's plate on the engine reads, 'Stover Engine Works, Freeport, Illinois No. 903, 4 H.P., Speed 345.' We hope to see an 'after' photo of this one someday!

Restored New Way

George Kazio, RD 1, Box 109, Muncy, PA 17756 restored and painted this gorgeous New Way engine, using photos published in GEM which his wife Liz reproduced for him. The Kazios judge the engine to be about 80 years old; it is a 3-3? HP and restoration time was about 3 months.