| November/December 1990

Subscriber Jewell Niemann of RR 2, Box 73, Saint Edward, NE 68660 makes ? scale model tractors. He is pictured here with his IHC W-1, which took three years to complete, and his John Deere (a two-year project). The tractors weigh about 600 pounds and develop about 14 horsepower, according to Niemann. He has written a small book, 'How To Build A Half-Sized John Deere 'D'', which he sells for $ 10.50 postpaid.

Mrs. Mabel Thieman, 2115 Alpha, North Platte, Nebraska 69101, writes and says, 'This is a picture of my ?HP Ideal for your magazine. It is a model R, year unknown. It was restored 1988 and mounted on trucks. Runs real smooth and starts easy, has good compression and gets a lot of attention at shows out in our area: Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, and Colorado.'

Bob Rhode, 26 Lakeview Dr., Stansbury Park, UT 84074 sends this picture of his wife, Cindy, and their restored 1959 Minneapolis-Moline G-VI. Bob says, 'I have never seen another gasoline G-VI, but it sure runs nice and smooth. We pulled it once in the 9000# class and won first place.' He and Cindy also own a 1949 G Minneapolis-Moline.