| November/December 1989

15 HP Famous engine

This 15 HP Famous engine, #CB 116, mounted on Morton truck # 1227, is owned by Darrell Morris, RR#3, South Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6H 4N7. Built in 1907, the engine has friction forward and reverse. It was the thirteenth such engine built by the compan

Some time ago the Reflector, C.H. Wendel, acquired an exensive run of a weekly entitled 'La Chronique Industrielle', a weekly magazine published at Paris, France. Especially during the 1890s, many magazines used laid-in advertisements, separate pieces which could be saved for future reference. This advertisement in the May 13, 1899 issue illustrates the Charon engine built at Paris. This model was available for use with either gas or petroleum fuel; and fuel consumption was guaranteed to be within specific limits.