| June/July 1987


21/2 HP FOOS

This Foos engine was located near Bellefontaine, Ohio in 1979 by the great uncle of Craig T. Wiley, R.D. l, Box 270, Polk, Ohio 44866 who is the owner of this engine. He purchased it for $75.00. The piston had to be soaked several months and even then it was difficult to remove. He used some heat from an acetylene torch, a sledge and a special oak block which he turned on a lathe so as to just slip into the cylinder. A slight depression was turned in the end of the block so that the force of the blow would be around the edges-and not the center of the face of the piston. Skids and battery box were milled and constructed from poplar and duplicate the originals as much as possible. He guessed at the olive paint, but believes it to be close to the original. The lettering was barely visible on the working side of the engine, but smoke from the exhaust had completely covered and preserved it on the on the pulley side, which was cleaned and used to make a stencil from it. The engine has the original rings. It starts easily and runs well. Contact Craig if you would like more information on his Foos engine.