| August/September 1992

I.H.C Mogul tractor

This 1910, 20 HP, Type C, I.H.C Mogul tractor is owned by Douglas Janzen, 3416 Arizona, Rapid City, South Dakota 57701. Its serial number is TL715. The engine is a 20 HP Famous which I.H.C converted from a stationary engine by decreasing the size of the f

Thus the I.H.C engineers could use a proven engine and concentrate on the traction port of the tractor. The tractor has one gear forward and a friction reverse. This is accomplished by pulling a metal pulley on the reverse shaft against a fiber pulley on the crank shaft. This reverses the counter shaft and the tractor backs up. The tractor runs great and can be seen at the Black Hills Steam and Gas Threshing Bee, Sturgis, South Dakota on the third weekend in August yearly.

The internal parts are all in good working order, and no parts were missing. The results of 125 hours of filing, sanding, polishing and painting can be seen in the photos. Mr. Clarke would love to hear from anyone having any information on the history of his engine.