| August/September 1987

Rumely Oil Pull

August 1986 at the Hamilton, Missouri show, Charlie Fry of Plattsburg, MO and E. Brad Foster of Edgerton, MO, with a 1920 20-40 G Rumely Oil Pull restored by John C. Lee, Plattsburg, Robert Deaman, Plattsburg and E. Brad Foster.

Now Jobe is working on a ? -scale Witte headless from Debolt Machine. Total time on one of his projects is about 350 hours: 'I take some castings, hunks of brass, hunks of steel and cut away with a mill, lathe, saw and file, according to plans, until the parts look like and engine and then put all these together.' Jobe also offers help for others who have started building these or other models and have questions.