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Mother Nature siezes up a trailer full, hidden piles of old iron in the backyard

| April 2008

Flash frozen engines

As you can see from this photo, nothing halts the quest for old iron. On the trip home from an auction in Virginia, Ill., on Dec. 8, 2007, Bob Kampmann, John Zalabak and I ran into some bad weather. We made it home without any trouble, but the engines were flash frozen.

Clarence F. Lammers, 40 Normandy Dr., Lake Saint Louis, MO, 63367

More than just junk

Just wanted to submit a few words and photo to let you know that many oldies have survived time and weather.

Few knew of this large pile of old iron hidden in a wooded valley. From the size of the trees that needed to be cut, the owner may not have known of it until the time came to sell. Most of it was dragged out to an open hay field and many out-of-state trucks and trailers showed up and left full.

I call them "do-it-yourself" piles and they sold higher than usual, due to China's influence on salvage. Some of the "restored" tractors brought disappointing prices, making them hard to part with, but it was an auction. Still, when you care for an item all those years, it hurts.

Wayman F. Griggs, Lathrop (Mo.) Antique Club, 14150 State Rt. NN S.E., Stewartsville, MO 64490