Planet Jr., hillside mower, cream separator and Ingersoll-Rand engine

Letters & Miscellanies

| October/November 2004

Planet Jr. Products
The pages of Gas Engine Magazine assume everyone owns a computer - I don't! Do you have any information on Planet Jr. products?

Robert H. Schneider, 2154 Crahn Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95404, (707) 528-6226

We don't have any Planet Jr. books or manuals in our book catalog, but you might contact Ken Scales or Stuart Hall, who write about Toro engines and their use in Planet Jr. cultivators (page 24). Also, anyone interested in learning about the Internet, but lacking a computer, should check out their local library to see if they provide free Internet access. - Editor

Cream Separator
I noticed the picture of the cream separator at the Pawnee, Okla., show (GEM, August 2004). Mice. I'm enclosing a photo of my 1/2 HP Standard.

The carburetor and fuel tank were built by Jim McQuaters in Rio Rancho, MM., exactly like original ones. It has an American Bosch magneto. When I got this engine, the timing gear had 18 teeth, and it needed 20. Jim gave me his!

This picture was taken at the Cottonwood, Ariz., show, where Jim found a 20-tooth gear for $2!