Upright Maytag, Bates & Edmonds, Stickney, New Holland and Doak

Letters & Miscellanies

| November/December 2004

Obtaining information
Enclosed is a photocopy of a postcard I obtained in a box of stuff from an auction. I'd like some help getting information on this equipment.

Harry Hansen 2661 180th St. Nemaha, IA 50567-7509

Upright Maytag
I am writing this letter on behalf of Frank King of Oklahoma City, Okla., who made the first upright Maytag I have seen. The enclosed photo, dated March 1992, shows that it looks almost original. The exhaust as shown, amplifies the noise and gets your attention. Note also it runs on the original mixer.

King showed his upright Maytag several times in the early 1990s. He said he showed the engine at the Bald Knob Show in Arkansas (year unknown), maybe Mr. Kelley saw King's Maytag at the show.

N.G. Wood 10300 E. State Highway 9 Norman, OK 73026

Bates & Edmonds to Lindsay
Re: The discussion on Bates & Edmonds versus Blakeslee: The photo of the Bates & Edmonds is fairly convincing, and other styles of Bates & Edmonds engines have been found near us. The nametag on the Blakeslee sticks out enough so it would be visible - if it were a Blakeslee. We do have another shot of the rig in the winter with the frame mounted on sleds, but the engine is not shown very clearly.