Letters & Miscellanies

Rumely GasPulls, Olds Engines, Bovaird & Seyfang, and Mower Motors

| November/December 2003

Rumely GasPull

I just returned from the Western Minnesota Steam Thresher Reunion in Rollag, Minn., and I was surprised to see the article in the October 2003 issue of GEM about a Rumely GasPull as there was a nicely restored one at the show. Rumely was their feature this year and there were quite a few there. Sorry to hear Mr. Wendell is leaving, but I understand. I will really miss his expertise. Keep up the good work on the magazine - I look forward to GEM each month! Paul Lee pglee22828@aol.com

Olds Engines and Old Times

First off, in the September 2003 issue, page 17, the old flame licker pictured is an 1896. The Charlton Park Historic Village and Museum in Hastings, Mich., has one, and they also have information on it. I live west of Lansing, Mich., about 10 miles, and I worked for a nephew of R.E. Olds at one time. We once toured the R.E. Olds mansion, and it had a turntable inside the garage. Mrs. Olds never learned to back up an auto, so she would drive in, then turn the car on the turntable to drive it out.

The pictures I've sent were taken about 1941; I was 9 years old at the time. This large scrap iron pile was for the war effort, and the two tractors were running as they were brought into the yard. I think the engine visible in one picture is an Economy. I wonder what the Rumely would be worth now?

I would like to thank the Gas Engine Magazine people. I think it is the best place to get information and help with questions.

Bruce A. Dixon 8880 Hartel Road Grand Ledge, MI 48837-9418

Bovaird & Seyfang

In reading back over the May 2003 issue, in the Letters and Miscellanies column I came across the 'Bovaird & Seyfang' letter from Michael Fuocco of Bradford, Pa. In the letter he speaks of an 'original Bovaird & Seyfang test card.'