Letters and Miscellanies:

Notes and Responses from Readers

| November/December 2001

To the Reflector:

In response to my query on the Fuller & Johnson A-H 6 HP. I haven't found very many who have or know much about this engine. I do know there were less than 600 made in the 1928-1929 period. Mine must have done duty on a cement mixer, for it shows the signs, plus the fact it had a chain sprocket. A large part of early cement mixers I've seen and worked with were chain drive.

To Cliff Atkinson, of Valencia, Pa., a great big Much Obliged for shedding some light on the F & J, A-H saga. Are there any more survivors? Sorry for the late response, it has been a very busy summer! Again, thanks to everybody.

T. J. Shipman RR 2Box 371-12 Buckhannon, WV 26201

Help Needed:

I recently discovered an old 1 HP Associated sitting in one of our sheds on the farm. I had heard some of our family mention it, but never knew where or what it was. I was reading a story in GEM, and decided to find the old engine. I finally saw the flywheels. After I found it I just forgot it was there, until the last weekend when I went to the show in Portland, Ind.

I saw all the engines and decided I had to have one, too. About a week after the show I cleaned out a pathway so I could get it out. I thought it was going to be easy. Boy was 1 wrong! I never thought it would weigh that much. But there was a bigger problem other than its weight. The granary it was in was set up on blocks, and everything had been stuffed under there.

The granary must have settled some, and the exhaust pipe was up against the floor. We had to jack up the floor to get it out. I took a cart and we put it onto the cart. We put it on our front porch. My mom said her flowers would look real nice in it. Of course, I didn't agree.