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Kurz & Root, Fairbanks T, Stewart Little Wonder and More on 8PLVG

| May/June 2003

  • Bulls Eye

  • Stan Matlowski's original cooling tank
    Stan Matlowski's original cooling tank for an early 2 HP Fairbanks-Morse T.
  • 8PLVG

  • Bulls Eye
  • Stan Matlowski's original cooling tank
  • 8PLVG

Kurz & Root

Regarding query 38/3/2 on page 4 of the March issue of GEM:

Kurz & Root evidently built generators for quite some time. I wrote an article for GEM (see October 1993, page 26, 'One Man's Junk ...') that covered a Kurz & Root generator I recovered. The unit was manufactured by U.S. Motors, but had a Hercules BXB engine mated to a Kurz & Root generator. The generator had its own ID plate with detailed information, which is included in my 1993 article.

I believe Kurz & Root is no longer in business. U.S. Motors may have been a descendant of Universal, or perhaps a competitor, but it seems to be quite a circumstance that they share the same town of origin, Oshkosh, Wis. It would appear Kurz & Root built units to be mated to whatever engine the manufacturer of the outfit chose.

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More on Kurz & Root

Kurz & Root Co. of Appleton, Wis., certainly did manufacture generators. I was in their facilities in the early 1980s, and at that time they were building AC generators, mainly for military contracts.

I believe they got their start building DC light plant units and then turned to building AC generators during World War II. I have contacted some fellow co-workers for information, and if I find out more I will pass it along.


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