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| May/June 2002

  • Maytag engines

    Dale Luttig
  • Hill diesel engines

  • Maytag engines
  • Hill diesel engines

Hill Diesels

Thanks for running my question in Reflections on Hill diesel engines (see GEM, February 2002, page 10). I only got one reply, but a good one. A Mr. Vincent referred me to Jack Heemsoth of Marshall, Mich.

Jack wrote an article in GEM about Hill diesels (see GEM, February 1997, page 25) and his 30,000 pounds of spare parts for Hills.

I have spoken to Jack several times and he is very helpful. He knows a few collectors of Hill diesels, but 1 must say there are very few people who know anything about Hills. Must not be very popular with the collectors.

Art Schabla, 77427 Hwy. 21 Covington, LA 70435

Igniting Maytags

I read the letters under SmokStak (see GEM, February 2002, page 22) and agree with them wholeheartedly on the ignition on Maytag engines. The only thing wrong is the information is 15 years too late for me. 1 had to find out the hard way through trial and error. Until you've worked with them awhile, they can be hard to start.

My collecting began about 17 years ago. I've collected Maytags from Arizona, Florida, Texas, Washington and Canada, but mostly from Iowa and Kansas. So far, I've acquired 618 that have run and burned a tank full of gas. I have sold down to about 600 now.


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