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Belts, Light Plants, Trojan Bucket Loaders and R&V Registry Update

| March/April 2004

Belts and Dressing

I read the article about belts in the January 2004 issue (Stationary Engine List, page 24). I will be 90 years old Feb. 9, and I have had a lot of experience with belts.

The article mentioned stick rosin. I used rosin bought in hunks. I would take a hammer and powder it up, put linseed oil in with it and put it on while the belt was running. I ran threshers, corn shredders and lot of other things with belts.

We had a New Year's party that had string music, and I asked the man playing fiddle where he got his rosin. He told me he got it at a music store - that's about the only place he can find it.

We have a Case LA four-plow and an IHC 22-36 and go to several shows. I love to belt up and run something with the belt. I sure like to sit on them and hear the sweet music from the exhaust as the governor kicks in and out.

A lot of people ask me why they use such long belts on threshing machines. I always tell them it's for three reasons: 1) When they used steam engines it was to keep the sparks away from straw stack. 2) The long belt is heavy, and it puts a lot of pressure on pulleys so they won't slip. 3) It gives the men driving teams and wagons more room to get lined up at the separator.

Calvin Cochran