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Aultman Taylor Starting Systems, Myrick Engines and Speed Reducers

| June/July 2003

Aultman Taylor Starting

In response to Gary Yaeger's piece on Aultman & Taylor's 30-60 tractor (see GEM, April 2003, page 10):

The original Aultman & Taylor tractors did not have an impulse on the magneto. The air start was actually a dual ignition setup that was popular on early brass-era cars and many fire trucks. The coil switch had three stations; magneto, off and battery. The batteries were in a wood box on the floor of the platform.

To start, the coil switch was set to off, the air pump was given three or four quick strokes and the coil switch was then set to battery. At that point it should have been running, and after a short period the coil switch was turned to magneto. Aultman & Taylors were known to start easy and the coil switch would give trouble. Magnetos with impulse were installed and the air pump with coil switch was often removed.

Dan Ehlerding Jamestown, Ohio

Sprywheel Engine

Just got the latest GEM in today's mail and wanted to respond to query 38/4/2A concerning the Sprywheel engine. The engine is from a Sprywheel garden tractor from about 1920. I've included a copy of an ad that ran in Farm Mechanic's magazine in 1920 or 1921.

Dick Hamp 1772 Conrad Ave. San Jose, CA 95124