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| June/July 2002

Making Maytags Spark

464 S. 5th St. Sebewaing, MI 48579

A note on the discussion in the February SmokStak column on why a twin-cylinder Maytag wouldn't spark:

None of the fellows making suggestions mention checking the magnet in the flywheel. I had trouble with one of my Maytag twins and found that one end of the magnet was dead. I recharged the magnet, and my Maytag started fine. I check the magnet by pulling a flat blade screwdriver across the ends of the magnet. If I get a strong pull on the screwdriver, I consider the magnet okay.

I also found another problem with one of my Maytag twin engines that wouldn't spark. The man I bought the engine from said the magneto fired well before he took the engine apart, but when he got it back together it would not fire. After checking the engine over, I found the insulation broken off of the wire coming out of the bottom of the coil. It was up against the ground wire, causing a dead short. I taped the wire, put the engine back together and the magneto fired fine.

More Bohons

Thought you could use this in your magazine. The engine is a 6 HP Bohon with 5--inch bore, 10-inch stroke and 37-inch flywheels, sold by Bohon at Harrodsburg, Ky. The serial number is not stamped on the tag. I would like to thank Wade Homes for installing a sleeve and bushing, and for welding. Dave Guelda, 1351 Texas Ave. Louisville, KY 40217

Kinkade Garden Tractor?

Melvin Fox restored this garden tractor, which appears to be a Kinkade, but doesn't know when it was built.