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Silo Farmall, Seized Engines, Information Sought and More on Welding Cast

| July/August 2003

Homelite Generator

I have a Homelite military generator like the one owned by Don Zumstein and pictured in GEM (May 2003, page 4). I used mine all one winter during a demolition job I was doing. It ran well, but after lugging it about for three seasons we called the little machine a 'Homeheavy' rather than a Homelight.

Henry Dana Rotman 44 Gibson Road Milford, CT 06460 nrotman@juno.com

Photos 38/5/2A and 38/5/2B on page 4 of the May 2003 GEM showing two generators owned by Don Zumstein were inadvertently reversed. Henry tells us he sent Don photocopies of manuals he has for Homelite generators, along with copies of letters from Homelite about the unit. - Editor

Stationary List Thanks

Please pass this word of thanks to all the 'iron people' who answered my question on how to clean out the water hopper on my 3 HP IHC M.

I took their advice and popped the cylinder out of the block. I'm glad I did this, as I dug out about two pounds of dirt, glass, nails and a spike. For the price of the o-ring it was worth what little trouble it took to remove the cylinder. Thanks again for getting me some answers to my questions.

John M. Edgerton 27 Loon Lake Road Bigfork, MT 59911