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Letters & Miscellanies

Notes and Responses From Readersal

| July/August 2002

  • Bulls Eye

  • Lorain Engine

  • Nameplate of Bessie 7
    Nameplate from one of the Bessie 7.

  • Bulls Eye
  • Lorain Engine
  • Nameplate of Bessie 7

Lufkin-Cooper and Lorain

1899 N. U.S. Hwy. 385 Levelland, TX 79336

I want to thank you for the articles in GEM about the Lufkin-Cooper-Bessemer engine (see GEM, February 2002, page 3). The response has been great, having heard from six people from five different states in the U.S. These people are from all walks of life, ranging from mechanics to oil field operators. I appreciate very much your help in this matter.

Since that time, I have acquired and restored another seemingly rare oil field engine. As with the Lufkin, I have very little info on this engine and would like to learn more. It is a Lorain, single-cylinder, 32 HP, 9-1/2-inch by 10-inch bore and stroke. It was made by the White-Roth Machine Corp., Lorain, Ohio, probably sometime in the 1940s.

Bessie 7: Cooper-Bessemers?

Reader Monk Ivicic writes in concerning the Cooper-Bessemer engines discovered in Ottawa, Kan., by Tim Christoff. Specifically, Monk questions how the engines can be Cooper-Bessemers from 1927. Monk cites David N. Keller's book, Cooper Industries 1833-1983, noting that Keller says the Cooper-Bessemer Corp. wasn't formally incorporated until April 4, 1929. And yet, the engines in Ottawa are dated at 1927, and as their nameplates show they are clearly Cooper-Bessemers.

It is a bit of a mystery, and if any readers know more we'd love to hear from them. It is known that Cooper and Bessemer worked on various projects prior to their joint incorporation, but it does seem unlikely their joined names would appear on a product prior to formal incorporation of the company.
Monk Ivicic P.O. Box 333 Holland, TX 76534

The Fairbanks Co.

I was glad that you put the sign in the GEM magazine (see Letters & Miscellanies, June 2002). If you will look at the fourth picture from the left on the top row you will see the two-cylinder version of the engine that I have. These are indeed rare engines, and to the best of my knowledge there are only two of these engines. One is at the Coolsprings Museum and I own the other one. I could be mistaken, but at this time no one else has come forward with another.


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