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| February/March 2003

  • Bull's Eye

  • IHC HT-340.
    Experimental 1961 IHC HT-340. At some point it was damaged, repaired, and redesignated HT-341. Photo courtesy John Schweizer
    John Schweizer

  • Bull's Eye
  • IHC HT-340.

Mery Explosive

I enjoyed your story in the November 2002 issue on the Mery six-cycle engine.

Some time in the 1970s, a Mery showed up at the Vista, Calif., semi-annual show. It must have been the one owned by Bob Patty. I could almost swear it was painted red, but I could be mistaken. I remember hearing that the engine was seriously damaged on its way home, and until your article had never heard of it again.

As you noted, the engine attracts a lot of attention, and a few of us were extremely interested in it. I was thinking of building a model, but we were never sure exactly how it ran - I think we never picked up on the six-cycle bit.

Your article mentions a quarter-scale kit being sold by Roland Morrison, but no address was given. If the flywheel on the original engine is about four feet in diameter, then the overall length must be about 10 feet and the scale around 30 to 36 inches. Just right - a little large, but not too small. Jarvis Williams Berkeley Gardens/Rm. #9 2620 Broadway Santa Monica, CA 90404

You're pretty dose, Jarvis. Including the flywheel, the scale Mery has an overall length of22-5/8 inches. The body and cylinder are 19 inches long. That means the real Mery is just over 7-1/2 feet long, including the flywheel, and just under 6-1/2 feet long, body and cylinder only.

More than a few people called asking for Roland's address after that article ran, so here it is. Roland will be more than happy to answer any other questions about the scale Mery -Editor, Morrison & Martin Engine Works P.O.Box 555 Benton City, WA 99320 rolandmm@earthlink.net


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