Letters & Miscellanies

Notes and Responses From Readers

| February/March 2002

German Tractor is a Kramer

6302 Rockbridge Rd. Stone Mountain, GA 30087

Thank you very much for running the picture of the tractor I took in Germany (see GEM, November 2001).

I received five letters regarding it, two from the U.S., one from England, and from Germany and one from Denmark. I had no idea that Gas Engine Magazine was sent to other countries. Editor's Note: Three of the letters Bill received identified the tractor as a Kramer K18 Allesschaffer, built by Maschinenfabrik Gebr. Kramer GmbH, Uberlingen and Gutmadingen, Germany. Readers Aage Bak-Mikkelsen, Solbjer, Denmark, Robert Moor house, Leicestershire, England, and Gottfried Boehm, Munich, Germany, spotted it and provided Bill with specific information. The K18 Allesschaffer (literally, 'do everything') was powered by a 20 HP Guldner stationary diesel with chain-drive to its gearbox, another chain delivering power to the rear axle. These tractors were built from 1937 to 1942, then reintroduced after WW II in 1948 for a short while. Thanks to everyone for helping Bill identify this machine.)

Custer Car

The first time I saw this car I thought I had found one of those Maytag Racers. After inspecting the car I found a small plate, which reads: Custer Specialty Company, Dayton, Ohio, Type 42, s/n #2308.

Stan Matlowski wonders if anyone knows anything about this car or the company that built it, Custer Specialty Company of Dayton, Ohio. Power comes from a Briggs Model K.

The engine is a Briggs Model K with square gas tank made in mid-1934. The engine is started with an outside kick-start. There is a friction clutch in the rear controlled by a lever on the side. The rear is driven by a gear drive. There are headlights, which were operated by a dry cell. The hood ornament resembles a greyhound dog, and the total length of the car is 71/2 feet.