Line boring, H.E. Fairman tractor and watermelon threshing?

Letters & Miscellanies

| December/January 2004

I've enclosed some photos of an ongoing project involving a 9 HP Economy E. The cylinder has a 6-1/2-inch bore about 22 inches long.

The job was too big for an automotive machine shop, and I did not want to completely disassemble and pay to have it done on a horizontal boring mill, so hence the project.

I am a machinist with 40 years of experience, so line-boring projects are not new. The cylinder ended up 0.100-inch oversize, and after honing it was round within 0.0005-inch.

It is not complete, as I have not decided how to replace the piston.

I really enjoy the new Gas Engine Magazine and have been a subscriber since 1988.

Howard Kittelson, 13540 County Highway 30 Pelican Rapids, MN 56576