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Engine Memories, Igniter Points, Nelson Bros. Engines and Heider Tractors

| December/January 2003

  • Fuller & Johnson pump jack unit

  • Bulls Eye

  • Fuller & Johnson pump jack unit
  • Bulls Eye

Old Engine Memories

After seeing the picture of the young man oiling the engine on page 6 in the September 2003 issue of GEM, I felt compelled to share these pictures. After all, the conversion of the 'pumpity' from gas to electric was no small task at this young age.

All kidding aside, the pictures (of me) were taken about 1949 at my grandfather's farm on Turkey Mountain just 5 miles out of Tulsa, Okla. My grandfather bought the farm about 1946. He was a lawyer, and every time he had business at the courthouse he would ask when they were going to run the electric lines out his way. They finally got the lines to the farm about 1949.

Although I remember the electric pump and its sound, I can't remember the Fuller & Johnson at all. Thanks for a great magazine, and to all of the collectors who contribute.

William P. Geyer P.O. Box 1029 Granbury, TX 76048.

Igniter Points

In response to a question raised by Steve Hay in the November 2003 issue of GEM (see query 38/11/2, page 9), I've had good luck using silver solder to retip points. The flat strip silver solder used to braze carbide bits on turning tools works best. Cut a piece to fit between the contact point and the igniter arm, apply flux, sandwich the pieces together and apply heat.

Ken Hollenbeck khollenb@dcwis.com