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REO Engines, Termaat & Monahan and Fordson Starting Attachments

| August/September 2003

It's a REO

I'd like to respond to John Popovich's query concerning his unidentified engine (query 38/6/3, June 2003, page 4). John's engine was originally a four-cylinder engine and is from a late teens or early 1920s REO Speed wagon truck. It has been cut in half and has a flywheel from a stationary engine mounted on it.

I've enclosed a picture of the engine in my unrestored 1920 Model F REO Speed wagon. The engine and truck serial number should be stamped on the crankcase casting just above the left front, or in his case, left engine mount. The fan is not mounted on my engine in the photo, but it is identical to his. My engine number is A62868.

Alan New 5389 W. 900 S.Pendleton, IN 46064

Termaat & Monahan

I was looking through the September 2002 issue of GEM and noticed the question (query 37/9/1, page 4) about a Battery engine belonging to Chris Jowett.

I don't know what information you might have received, but this sure looks like a Termaat & Monahan as made in Oshkosh, Wis. The flywheel governor is a giveaway, but the water-cooled muffler is the real key as T&M had a patent on this. Detroit also sold marine engines like this, and I believe these were built by T&M or from T&M supplied castings.

I also think that R.J. Duckwall's engine (query 38/6/4, June 2003, page 4) is a Termaat & Monahan. For one, it doesn't have the name 'Gray' cast into the hopper. Also, Gray used a governor on the cam, and while I can't tell from the photo, I imagine R.J.'s has a throw weight on the flywheel. Gray also used four-bolt main caps.