Letters & Miscellanies

Belts, Hummer Manufacturing Co., Oval Ideals and Homemade Tractors

| April/May 2004

Belts and Dressing

In answer to the questions on belts and dressing in the March 2004 issue of GEM: In our area, Cling Surface Dressing and Sheps is available at hardware stores and farm supply stores. Contact Cling Surface Co. at: 1048 Niagra St., Buffalo, NY 14213.

Also, there's an Amish company that has a liquid dressing that is much better than the sticks. We use it on our sawmill at our local engine show. The company is Bowman Belting Supply, 6113 County Road 77, Route 6, Millersburg, OH 44654. Cling Surface also makes a liquid, but it does not work as well as Bowman's.

Finally, there is another advantage of a long belt: It's more forgiving on alignment. You do not have to be so fussy when belting up, and the belt will run true on the pulleys.

John Heath, 494 Township Road 232 Sullivan, OH 44880

Oval Hopper Ideal

I sent in the picture of the Ideal upright with an oval hopper shown in the February 2004 GEM, page 9. The information forthcoming was very gratifying, and I received four sets of paperwork and booklets with parts lists, instructions, dates, etc. I must mention that GEM has become a great tool in our hands, and there is no other way to get this kind of information.

Those replying with information included Alan Hendrickson in Oregon, who has a fully intact engine that also has '4M4' cast into it just under the cylinder oiler. The tag on his engine says it is a 4 HP Type M, serial no. 12105. R.D. Heidi of Ohio had one for eight years before selling it 11 years ago - he purchased it from Al King, the author of several engine books. His engine was a 1912 4 HP Type M with a 1-3/4-inch crankshaft, serial no. 505. His also has '4M4' cast into the engine under the cylinder oiler. Joe Betz of Pennsylvania also has a 1912, but with a much later number, serial no. 18000.