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Mystery solved, Foos sightings, 4-H, 1914 Bingo, prizewinners

| December 2007

Mystery engine solved

It was very interesting to see the RAN kerosene engine in the October/November issue of Gas Engine Magazine ("A-Z" Mystery Engine). This exact RAN engine, no. 1435, has its home at the Dansk Motorsamling stationary engine museum in Denmark.

We were very surprised to see a RAN situated in the United States, but then we took a closer look and found the very special exhaust, built by us, to run the engine inside the museum.

About the engine: It was built by an engineer named Eriksen, who built a small engine shop in the Danish town of Randers in Jutland. Mainly, Randers Engine shop was building engines for small fishing boats. But, as shown in the photo, the Type R was a 4-1/2 HP stationary engine built in 1926.

Niels Mygind
Dansk Motorsamling

Foos Type K sightings

Here is a photo of a Foos Type K engine that was sighted at the Coolspring (Pa.) Power Museum some years ago, when Foos engines were featured.This engine was apparently built to the patent featured in the October/November 2007 issue of GEM.

I don't know who owns this engine.It is 3 HP, throttle-governed, and features the Sumter Plugoscillator system usually found on Fairbanks-Morse Type Z engines of the 1916-1918 period. Other than the unique hopper and built-in oil supply, it is of fairly conventional design.In all the years I've been in the hobby, I have never seen another one, or indeed this one anywhere else.