Letter to the Editor

| June/July 1987

Since we can't vouch for the veracity of the following prose, we pass it along without comment-other than caveat emptor.-Editor.

Dear Editor:

Although totally unfamiliar with your publication, we write in hopes that your readers might enjoy hearing about some tractors we discovered in a garage just recently. (We admit to puzzlement regarding your readership, however-GEM would seem more appropriate to rock hounds. Perhaps you should change it to 'Tractors and Related Internal Combustion Kinetic Energy Machines.' That would be closer to the subject).

Anyway, maybe somebody will want to share information with us, as it seems hard to come by on these particular outfits. We've enclosed a few photos; if the machines turn out to be as rare as we suspect, you'll probably want to show them in your club paper, or whatever it is you publish there.

The tractors are 'as found' in the photos. One looks quite weathered and considerably used, while the other two are in amazingly good condition. The fellow who owns the garage let us dust them off and wash them up a bit for the pictures. They all run, with more or less effort in supplying various fuels, coolants, and lubricants. Since we're somewhat mechanically inclined, and the machines are so straightforward in design, we had no trouble getting them out into the sunlight for a few trial spins around the property.

The present owner says that as far as he knows, the machines were always inside the garage. They were first noticed when the original owner ran into them parking his car there. Other than that, he couldn't seem to tell us any more about them. (He couldn't seem to tell us much about anything else, either, although he remained cordial in a confusing, crisply out-of-focus sort of way.)