| May/June 1967

  • Old time power shovel
    Courtesy of Robert Gray, Eldora, Iowa 50627
    Robert Gray

  • Old time power shovel

Iowa 50627

I hope you do not think I am too personal, but may I say your efforts and work in getting this magazine to me are really appreciated. It is a wonderful magazine. I have a hobby of building things of steel and the tractors and trucks these pictures represent, I made. You mention you are short on material so I hope this will help in some small way.

These little models take a great deal of time to build. I have even made spark plugs for them. The plugs are small pieces of steel filed to shape and welded in the motor blocks. These models have been exhibited at Neil Miller's show at Alden for several years, and people have paid me very nice compliments and that also is greatly appreciated.

Here is son John with a model of an old time power shovel I built in 1964. It runs with electric motor, has hoist, crowd and retract action on shovel bucket. This was at Mt. Pleasant 1965 show.