| May/June 1967

Courtesy of , Renwick, Iowa

Dear Anna Mae,

Just a line to tell you how I enjoyed your family picture that was in the Album some time ago. It is real good and seems like you are real happy.

I have had some experience with both steam and tractors. Many years ago, my oldest brother and I bought a 12 H.P. Rumely engine and Ottawa D sheller. We ran that two years, then sold it. Then we bought a 14 H.P. Star (C Aultman) engine and 33 inch Russell separator with Pelba feeders and slat carrier. We ran that three falls.

My brother started farming so I bought a 22 H.P. Wood Bros, engine and 36 x 56 steel separator. I had a large run, both shock and stack but that separator would handle a lot of shocks each day. I ran that outfit 18 falls.

The run began to get smaller so I traded for a 28 x 46 Nichols-Shepard separator and ran that 22 falls, then combines  took over. I still have the separator and tractor.