| March/April 1985

Dear Readers:

Beginning with our next issue, GEM will officially be a monthly publication, as we have previously announced. Many, many of you have written to let us know that you support our decision to publish monthly. A few have written to argue against monthly publication, or to complain that there is too much advertising. We feel that the advertising is extremely important it keeps you touch with one another, helps you find needed parts and information, guides you to shows and auctions and keeps you informed of new services and publications which may be offered. The addition of more issues will give those who plan events more flexibility in making them known.

As the amount advertising of grows, we must caution you that we do not screen advertisers, nor are we able to monitor their performance. We have occasionally refused advertising to individuals after receiving numerous complaints, but we cannot vouch for the good will of every advertiser, so do be careful in your dealings with others. We do know that the overwhelming majority of our advertisers are wholly dependable and sincere.

With this issue, Charles Wendel has added a new section to his REFLECTIONS column, called READERS WRITE. Here will appear the responses to questions which come to us from our readers. I would encourage those of you with answers to share to write to Mr. Wendel when you have information.

We won't start sending our earlier renewal notices until later in the year. For now, you will continue to receive only one notice in advance of your last issue. For those of you who are concerned about uninterrupted service, you will need to mail your renewals back to us promptly! We can no longer send the back issues in the way we used to (Postal Regulations), so all renewals received after an issue is mailed will begin with the next published issue. Because of the time taken in mailing, you may miss an issue if you wait until you get the renewal envelope in your final magazine, so it is much better to respond to the advance notice! (Missed issues may be purchased for $3.00 each.)

One more word about expirations and renewals! Individuals whose subscriptions which would have expired with the May/June '85 issue, will receive an advance expiration notice soon. You'll also have an envelope in both your May and June copies if you don't renew before they're mailed. We hope this won't confuse anyone. T639.he May issue is FREE for all current subscribers. Those of you whose subscriptions would end with July/August will receive the May, June, and July issues.


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