| September/October 1968

  • Windmill
    Courtesy of Glair H. Dunham, St. Clair, Michigan 48079
    Glair H. Dunham

  • Windmill

6615 South Bell Ave., Chicago, 36 III.

Dear Uncle Jake:

I thought of writing to you about my hobby of printing (aside from being interested in old gas engines, etc.)

I enjoy your little write ups especially when they are concerned with printing-like the one in the May-June 1968 issue.

I have an old Gorden type press 7x11 and in spite of its age - some 60 years old - it runs o.k. Most of my type is the old and obsolete kind which I especially enjoy using. This brings me to the point that I want to make. Do you have any old type fonts to sell? I prefer old faces shown in various type foundry specimen books such as; Barn-hart Bros & Spindler, American Type Foundry, Keystone Type Foundry, Mac Kellar, Smith & Jorden, Cleveland Type Foundry, Bruce Type Foundry, Illinois Type Foundry, Great Western, James Conners & Son, etc, etc. Of course there were many type foundries as you perhaps know. I have old copies of 'Inland Printer' magazine from 1893 and I can see many different foundries advertised. Those good old days.

I collect dingbats, old borders, ornaments and wood type as well as metal type.