Join Us At Blanchard

| March/April 1999

10750 S. Vroman Road, Shepherd, Michigan 48883-9352

The 13th Annual Blanchard Millpond Steam and Gas Show is now a memory, but what a delightful one it is.

Mother Nature was very good to our show this year, a little rainy mist on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday were sunny and warm.

We had a large turnout of exhibitors. One hundred ninety tractors, 224 gas engines, 49 garden tractors and cultivators, and 17 models, along with tool displays, chain and drag saws, and boat motors, were on display. There were 177 registered exhibitors.

Vern Lang, Kent City, Michigan, had his very nice display of 15 hog oilers which were all mounted on a trailer.

Our featured tractor for 1998 was J. I. Case, and Roger Brookens of Shepherd, Michigan, took time out from his very busy farming schedule to bring his nice collection of J. I. Case tractors.