| October/November 1998

By his loving family, 808 Elm Street, Sandwich, Illinois 60548.

JAMES B. MAY, of Sandwich, Illinois, passed away May 5, 1998, at his home. He was 65. Surviving are his wife Pat, son Jim Jr., daughter Brenda Moss, and eight grandchildren.

May served an as alderman, a police commissioner, consultant to the Indian Valley Vocational Center, a board member of the Sandwich Historical Society, and a charter member of the Sandwich Early Day Engine Club. He was decorated for his service in the Korean War as an airplane mechanic.

He enjoyed building 1/5 scale working models of gasoline engines such as Sandwich, International Harvester Famous, Fairbanks-Morse, Chanticleer, and his own design which he called the May engine. He drew up the plans, made all the patterns and machined the castings which had to fit precisely to make the engines operate properly. He built 10 more engines of the Sandwich model for friends. The original is stored at the Sandwich Historical Museum.

May was working on a new engine, a 1.5 HP Sandwich, which would have been his piece-de-resistance before he fell ill. He loved showing off his 'family' of engines at the De Kalb County Fair for 27 years, and he and his wife attended several gas engine and model shows each year.

Jim believed in the four 'R's' replace, rebuild, refurbish, restore. When he retired from Caterpillar in 1986 after 35 years, he decided to test his engineering talents and devoted his time to designing the scale model gas engines.