| October/November 1993

  • Memoriam

  • Memoriam

PAUL R. BREISCH, 78, a well-known model engine builder, died June 10, 1993 in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. He graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 1937the last mechanical engineering class at that school to be taught about steam engines.

Paul began at an early age making model gas and steam engines. As others were attracted to the fine engines, he turned his hobby into a business. He sold kits to build nine different model engines throughout the U.S. and several foreign countries. The business was active up until the time of his death, but is now being sold and so the Breisch kits will continue to be available.

Paul was a member of several gas engine associations. He was always glad to take the time to talk to other engine enthusiasts who would seek him out to ask his advice.

Paul is survived by his wife, Dorothy, two sons, one daughter, and five grandchildren.

Submitted by Janet Paul, R. D. 1, Box 557, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania 19365.

HARRY E. WARREN, 99, of Parma, Idaho, died May 2, 1993 after a long illness.