| May/June 1998

PAUL F. BRODT, Bangor, Pennsylvania, passed away November 30, 1997 after a short illness.

He was a retired farmer and cement mill worker. Paul was one of the original seven charter members of Blue Mountain Antique Gas and Steam Engine Association of Bangor, serving as president for the first ten years.

Paul was a long-time enthusiast of the gas and steam engine hobby, and had a large collection which included many Messinger engines. Paul was one of those individuals who not only collected, but used the equipment during the golden age of the gas engine.

He never hesitated to share his knowledge of the hobby with others and helped many like myself get started in collecting and restoring.

Paul will be greatly missed by all, truly a great loss, the 'end of an era'.

Submitted by Jody C. Pusher, Blue Mountain Antique Gas & Steam Association, Bangor, Pennsylvania.