| May/June 1995

  • Tom with half-scale John Deere

  • Tom with half-scale John Deere

BAYARD G. BERNARD, age 74, of Jamestown, Kentucky, was born February 3, 1921. He was a World War II veteran and an expert mechanic. He worked for years as a mechanic, on boats, cars, tractors, and old engines. He bought several engines for himself, and restored them. He also helped restore some for his friends. He enjoyed going to antique tractor and engine shows, and of course he could answer any question about them that you had.

After B. G. retired from working, he worked for people around Jamestown, mostly doing favors for them. Everyone knew to call on him if they had problems. He taught me a lot of things that I'll never forget. He was probably the best friend I have ever had, and also a father figure. He would visit my shop and helped me work on my dozers, antique tractor, and anything else that needed to be torn apart and fixed, he could do it. He was happiest when he was elbow deep in grease or oil. B. G. passed away on February 16, 1995 of a heart attack. He had been reading his antique engine magazine the day he died.

Life goes on in Jamestown today, but my friend is missing and being missed by many. He was a good husband, father, grandfather, and a very great friend!

Handy, as I always called him, I miss you!!

Submitted by a good friend, Willard Carries, 590 South Highway 619, Jamestown, KY 42629.

LA VERNE 'TOM' WALGENBACH, 63, a husband, great father, and good friend to many, passed away suddenly January 8, 1995. Tom was a retired farmer, if there is such a thing!


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