| March/April 1987

CHARLES S. MARTIN, Myersville, Maryland, passed away on December 12, 1986, at the age of 60.

Charles was the president of the Myersville Savings Bank. He served as treasurer as well as being on the Board of Trustees of the Salem United Methodist church. He was active in the Myersville Fire Co., the Myersville Lion's Club, and the Wolfsville Ruritan club.

Mr. Martin was always eager to help others. It was not uncommon to hear Charles respond to a compliment: 'I was just doing my job.'

He was an active worker and exhibitor at the Catoctin Antique Gaszx Engine Show. He had a fine collection of John Deere tractors, but an even

finer collection of Quincy engines and a Quincy tractor. He was proud of his collection and exhibited all along the East coast and as far West as Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Charles had a desire and ability to secure engines and tractors, and then restore them to their original condition. He was a stickler to be sure the paint and striping was correct, missing parts were replaced by parts of factory design, and the carts were the carts that came from the manufacturer with the engine. He was always ready and willing to give a helping hand to others. He will be greatly missed by all.

Submitted by Nelson Langdon, chairman, Catoctin Gas Engine Show.