| March/April 1985



Everett A. Anderson, 69, Newark, Illinois, passed away suddenly December 20, 1984. A lifelong resident of the Newark (Helmar) area, he owned and operated Anderson's Garage and was a school bus driver for Newark Grade School. He was a member and past president of the Sandwich Early Day Engine Club. Everett was well known for his excellent gas engine restorations and his large wrench collection which he displayed at many of the area shows.

He will be greatly missed by his family and fellow engine collectors.

The Antique Engine and Tractor Association of Atkins, Illinois regrets to announce the passing of one of its oldest members, Ward Anderson. He died July 14, 1984 at the age of 72, after suffering with heart trouble for several years. He was Secretary of the club at one time and was very active up until his first heart attack.

Our club misses him as well as many others who knew him. I will personally miss him because he was my friend. Submitted by Peter Claeys, member of Antique Engine and Tractor Association, Atkinson, Illinois.


We regret that in our January/February issue, we inadvertently omitted the final two paragraphs of the story on page 27, by Emile Legendre. What follows here are those concluding paragraphs. Our apology to the author and any readers who have been inconvenienced by our error:

Rawleigh-Schryer engines were initially marketed through normal dealer channels, but those were later abandoned in favor of the W. T. Rawleigh approach of factory to user purchase. At some time during 1915 Paul Schryer left the company to become works manager of the International Harvester Milwaukee, Wisconsin plant. With the absence of Paul Schryer and most likely his interest in the company, on February 17, 1916 its name changed to the Rawleigh Manufacturing Co. The company would operate for only a brief period of time, for on January 12, 1917 a disastrous fire would completely destroy all manufacturing and offices. The absence of any company history is attributed to the fact that fire in the office area also destroyed all company records.