| July/August 1990

MILTON STAUFER, age 81, of Reedley, California passed away in his home of a massive heart attack on April 14, 1990. He was born on the Hopi Indian Reservation at Oraibi, Arizona on July 29, 1908 and at the age of one year his parents moved to Reedley, California where he spent his entire life. He graduated from Reedley High School in 1927 and the following year he attended an Automotive College in Los Angeles. Thereafter he was engaged in farming and together with his son, Olin, he operated a land leveling business using heavy equipment for 42 years. He is survived by his wife, Jessie, and one son. He was a member of the First Mennonite Church of Reedley.

Milton was deeply interested in old engines and their preservation. At the time of his death he was a member of Branch 6 and 13 of the Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association. In addition he was also a charter member of his home Branch 8 having served as its first news editor. He was a cheerful individual always willing to assist anyone in the engine club wherever he could and will be missed by a large host of friends who knew and appreciated him.

Submitted by a close friend and companion, Menno L. Kliewer, 43138 Road 52, Reedley, California 93654.

THOMAS LASATER of Yuma, Colorado died March 31, 1990, at Yuma. He was very active in both the Tri-State Antique Engine and Threshers Show at Bird City, Kansas, and the Old Threshers Show at Yuma, Colorado. Tom was born July 5, 1911, in Hardy, Nebraska. When he was three years old the family moved to the Yuma area. As a young man he worked, for fifteen years, as a mechanic for the Farmers Implement Company in Yuma. Later he became a carpenter and for many years built homes in the Northern Colorado area. After his retirement from construction he restored many small gas engines and had quite a collection of engines and tractors, his pet being a little International 0-12 tractor.

Tom and his wife, Leola, were married 57 years, and had one son, John, who blessed them with grandchildren. They also have several great grandchildren. Tom will be greatly missed by all his friends at both shows, as he was always ready and able to help with any mechanical problem.

Submitted by his friends from Tri State Antique Engine and Threshers, Mr. and Mrs. DeLoss Thompson, P.O. Box 138, 404 Demick Avenue, Bird City, Kansas 67731.